Agnieszka Hajdukiewicz

Attorney-at-law Office

To know the law is not merely to understand the words, but as well their force and effect.
Corpus Iuris Civilis, Digesta Iustiniani

Law Firm Overview

Agnieszka Hajdukiewicz

We provide legal assistance mainly in Warsaw, Białystok and vicinity.  Our legal practice encompasses comprehensive legal services for domestic and foreign business entities as well as individual clients in the areas of commercial law, civil law and family law as well as other related branches of law. We also specialise in legal representation and litigation.

Our team is composed of highly-qualified lawyers, including attorneys-at-law and trainee attorneys-at-law. We closely co-operate with criminal lawyers, tax advisors, property surveyors, civil law notaries, translators and interpreters, court enforcement officers, as well as lawyers from other European Union member states.

The multidisciplinary expertise of our lawyers allows us to address our Clients’ complex problems while having a wider perspective. We take a comprehensive approach to every case and handle each one taking into account the specific needs of our Clients, which guarantees finding the best solution to every legal issue. We offer comprehensive legal services in English and Polish.

Please see Our Offer page or give us a call on 0048 85 875 47 93 or 0048 504 078 866 for more details or to make an appointment.