Civil law

  • drawing up contracts governed by civil law
  • personal interests protection
  • ownership and possession protection
  • perpetual usufruct
  • security of claims
  • assignment of receivables and debts
  • establishment of transmission servitudes, predial servitudes and right of habitation
  • rulings on co-ownership
  • annulment of co-ownership

Corporate legal services

  • registration of companies and partnerships, associations and foundations
  • ongoing legal services for companies and partnerships, including drawing up internal corporate documents (Articles of Association, regulations), assistance in drawing up resolutions and orders, employment regulations, remuneration regulations and other internal sources of employment law
  • handling legal matters related to Annual General Meetings, Meetings of the Management Board and Supervisory Board
  • merger, transformation and dissolution of companies and partnerships
  • drawing up non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • drawing up commercial agreements
  • handling proceedings concerning protection of legal entities’ interests
  • handling cases concerning international transport and forwarding
  • protection of intellectual property
  • handling cases concerning competition and consumer protection, acts of unfair competition, legal representation before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
  • handling insolvency proceedings
  • receivable collection

Real property law

  • clarifying legal status of real property
  • drawing up real property trading agreements (preliminary agreements, purchase and sale agreements, tenancy agreements, leases etc.)
  • legal assistance in the conclusion of real property development agreements
  • handling proceedings concerning damages for the loss of ownership of real property taken possession of or acquired for public purposes or for the loss of its value
  • legal assistance in disputes concerning restitution claims
  • claims resulting from real property construction agreements
  • division of real property
  • cases concerning gaining ownership of real property as a result of acquisitive prescription
  • compensation for non-contractual use of real property
  • establishment of servitudes on real property, i.e. transmission servitude, right of way, predial and personal servitudes
  • actions for eviction and infringement of possession
  • updating the Land and Mortgage Register according to the current legal status
  • legal assistance for foreigners acquiring real property in Poland

Damages and compensation


  • traffic collisions
  • infringement of natural and legal persons’ interests
  • infringement of copyright
  • non-contractual use of real property
  • exclusion of a part of real property due to existing energy, water or telecommunications infrastructure
  • accidents at work
  • unlawful termination of employment agreement

Employment law

  • drawing up employment agreements, managerial agreements, non-compete agreements
  • handling disputes concerning establishment or nonexistence of employment relationship
  • claims resulting from employment agreements, including unlawful termination of employment agreement
  • handling cases concerning workplace bullying (mobbing)

Family law

  • child and spousal maintenance
  • divorce and legal separation
  • establishment of separate property regime
  • division of community property
  • parent and child cases: cases concerning execution, limitation and termination of parental responsibility
  • child visitation schedules, actions to establish/deny maternity/paternity
  • incapacitation cases

Inheritance law

  • estate acquisition acknowledgment
  • estate division
  • claims for forced share
  • inheritance agreements

Debt collection

  • pre-litigation debt collection: call for payment, mediation, entering a debtor in KRD Economic Information Bureau
  • making court and out-of-court settlements
  • handling court proceedings for payment
  • obtaining a European Enforcement Order
  • handling debt enforcement proceedings

Legal representation and litigation

  • representing clients before common and administrative courts in all instances
  • representing clients in arbitral proceedings
  • legal representation before national and local government bodies